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Every since I can remember I have been connecting women to products, services and experiences.  It started when I was 19 and became a Mary Kay consultant.  I loved educating women and providing them with amazing customer service and skincare.

As a mum with 3 children under 3, I was determine to be a stay at home mum, yet the entrepreneur in me needed something to do.  During this time Amway was what everyone including myself signed up to.  I won’t lie I learnt the power of dreaming, contacting, follow up and selling and loved networking.

1999 I heard a lady on the radio (yes that is what you did back them) talk about capturing memories and journaling in a scrapbook.  I had no idea what a scrapbook was but I called the radio station and thus began my journey for the next 10 years as a Creative Memories consultant.

I love telling stories and taking photos, so creating memories was the perfect community for me.

I connected 100’s of women to their stories and to their past and present and during this time made many friends, oh whom I am still in contact with today.

Irene Brearley

2020 was a tough year.  I had lived in Moree NSW for 3 years and really missed my mum, kids and family.  Being number 13 child I tend to be the one that is a little needy of family.

February 2020 I moved back to Kings Beach, the plan for hubby to follow later.  We didn’t count on COVID and that put an end to that plan.

Mum being 99 in March was one of the main reason that I wanted to be close.  I felt it might be her last year on earth and turns out I was right as she went to heaven on the 20th of September 2020 at 99 however in her 100’th year as she would say.

Whilst it was a stressful 6 months, I got to spend an amazing amount of time with my mum, my sisters and my kids.

I moved back to Moree in the August just as the border was closing and that was the last time I saw mum alive. 

Women’s Shed

After mum had passed I decided it was time to connect women together again and create community.  I was lonely, feeling depressed, wondering what my purpose was and had lost my vision and passion. 

Being happy is what gives me strength.  Being alone makes me depressed.

Whilst I longed for the days where women would gather at my place to work on their scrapbooks, I didn’t want to just do that.

I put out an EOI on Facebook to see if any women would be interested in meeting up and had over 70 replies within 24 hours.  

Um now what that didn’t fit my thoughts around a few women gathering.

Without boring you to tears Moree Women’s Shed started in February 2021 and brings me such delight and happiness.


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